Tech-savvy Tools that would make Online Marketing a Piece of Cake
24th January 2017
Posted in Digital Marketing

For any online marketer or online marketing agency, tech-savvy tools that automate marketing processes are a blessing. These tools not only make marketing easier but also save time. Besides, they raise the productivity of marketing, thus proving to be cost-effective.

Identifying the right marketing tools that would go hand-in-hand with your marketing strategies is essential. These tools should efficiently automate the workflow while retaining the quality of work. With the use of such tools, you will get a competitive edge in the thriving digital world.

If you are ready to juggle various marketing processes, then you might as well take a look at some of the tech-savvy tools listed below that would ease your work.

  • Hootsuite - This is a one-stop for all your social media marketing. Through a single dashboard, this platform manages all your social network accounts. Through advanced tools, it offers to schedule useful social content. Also, it gives an insight on your performance on social media and its real-time analytics tells you what is currently trending which helps you strategize your marketing techniques. Hootsuite also protects your social profile by guarding it against hackers and by keeping a track of messages and mentions on leading social networks.
  • SocialFlow - SocialFlow analyses the real-time conversations between audience on social networking sites. This helps organisations in getting an insight about what is trending amongst people. Using this to your advantage, you can then create relevant content for publishing and engaging online users. SocialFlow's optimisation tools identify the peak time for publishing content which helps you post your content at that time. It is also a social advertising platform that assists you in strategising goal-oriented marketing campaigns that would reap higher ROI.
  • CrowdBooster - This is a platform that helps you in marketing on Facebook and Twitter. Its effective tools collect all the real-time data and assist in knowing your key performance metrics through their simplified and easy-to-understand graphs. You get to know your ardent followers and what keeps them engaged. CrowdBooster also helps you in scheduling your content on the two social networking sites.
  • Buffer- This is a platform which helps you schedule, publish and analyse you social media posts. With Buffer, you can rest assured about the delivery times of your content. It ensures that it is scheduled to publish at the best time to gain highest visibility. It also makes certain that your content is published across various social networking sites. Buffer makes you know about your reach on social media by providing you appropriate analytics.
  • SproutSocial - This is a very user-friendly tool to monitor your brand and manage online conversations. It lets you queue your content to be published across various social channels. SproutSocial's monitoring tools help marketing campaigns turn into fruitful social conversations. It reports the effectiveness of your social media marketing strategies which in turn helps you in getting the required ROI.

Using tech-savvy tools for digital marketing, you can invest your time in developing effective marketing and content strategies instead of worrying about the time and delivery of the posts. These tools will also help you analyse the efficacy of your marketing strategies which will let you know how to boost you ROI. So go ahead and use these tech-savvy marketing tools to lead the web world and create a brand name.

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