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We create long-term partnerships through our Dedicated Hiring Services. Whether you are looking for day to day marketing management, custom software development, product development, or software deployment and integration, we provide you with dedicated teams and competent individuals.

Why Dedicated Hiring Makes Sense?

Dedicated hiring makes complete business sense for most organizations. If driving down costs and improving efficiencies is your Strategy, then Evolve Managed Dedicated Hiring makes sense. Our focus is to provide you flexibility, scalability, and reliability. Through Evolve Managed Dedicated Hiring you can easily expand your business and not worry about increased overhead costs. We have a large pool of highly qualified individuals to support and manage all your needs.

Who is it for?
  • IT Product Companies

  • Startups

  • Enterprise

  • SMEs

  • Digital Agencies

  • Online Businesses

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    Detailed Services

    Flexible Hourly Plans

    Work Completed To Support Various Time Zones.

    No Set Up Fees

    Minimum Commitment Of 3 Months

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    Proven Processes that Yields the Right Results

    Leading Digital Technology Agency- Evolve Creative

    We are a process driven organization! At Evolve, we understand that the success of your business is dependent upon working through the right processes to deliver impeccable results. We have a proven strategy in place to ensure that our partnership model works seamlessly. Our goal is to impact your bottom line by lowering your COSTS, INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY, MANAGING YOUR RISK and IMPROVING EFFICIENCIES. We deliver piece of mind and security.

    Requirements Gathering

    We believe it is important that we work to understand our client’s current environment, their short-term goals and their long term needs. This is crucial in our development of a solution.

    Solutions Development

    We engage all of our internal resources to come up with a solution that will support your needs and save you money. Our goal is to provide you with the right solution that yields results AND a strong ROI.


    You will have a chance to review all the credentials for your dedicated staff. You will know exactly who is dedicated to you. All the work and number of hours is transparent. We have continuous touch points and communication to bring transparency to our deliverables.


    We will deploy our services, meeting all requirements and exceeding all expectations. You will have that piece of mind when you engage our managed dedicated staff.

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