28th October 2016
Posted in Dedicated Hiring

We have worked with various businesses of different sizes and helped them build a sustainable and profitable business. The question always comes up, “Should I hire in-house or should I outsource?”

Most entrepreneurs have many talents and often times they will try to “do it all”. This can really halt the growth of your business. By outsourcing some day-to-day processes or special activities, the business owner can focus on what really matters, income generation.

Outsourcing has long been seen as a strategy used by large enterprise organization, however technology has made it an accessible resource for smaller businesses. Outsourcing strategies have really impacted the growth of small to medium sized organizations allowing them flexibility to focus on generating sales and revenues.

In addition, outsourcing has opened up a gateway to a pool of talented and highly qualified professionals through virtual platforms that provide a high quality of service with minimal commitment or risk. You are able to bring in an expert to support a project or initiative without engaging into any long-term commitments. Outsourcing, or as we refer to it, “Managed Dedicated Hiring”, is a cost saving, highly scalable and low risk service.

Taking the first steps toward outsourcing can be time-consuming, but figuring out how to build your business with help from outside professionals can offer increased efficiencies and economies of scale. Here are few things to consider when looking for an outsourcing partner:

  1. Where is your outsourcing partner located and what type of local support can they provide you

  2. You need to make sure that your outsourcing partner is accessible, accountable and responsible

  3. You need to ensure they have the right talent, resources and infrastructure to support you

  4. You need to ensure that they have a solid process in place to yield the results you desire

  5. They need to clearly articulate cost saving for your organization

  6. They need to clearly understand your business goals and be able to align themselves to your requirement

For every company, the right time to outsource is different. Some businesses have an in-house staff to handle daily activities, but may need outside help to undertake new projects. When you and your current employees are unable to manage the day-to-day business of your company and build the business satisfactorily, it may be time to consider outsourcing.

Call Us today and Evolve can help you understand if outsourcing is right for you.

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