27th December 2016
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LinkedIn today is the most sought after social networking site by professionals. With more than 400 million users, it is the strongest social media platform to stay professionally connected with large masses and expand your business. However, much time and energy is required to be invested if you want to reap benefits for the growth of your business through LinkedIn. It is essential to get return on these investments (ROI), else it will all be a fruitless endeavour.

Getting ROI from LinkedIn won’t prove to be a difficult task if you hold on to the following key strategies.

  1. Create quality LinkedIn page for your company


     Consider your company page on LinkedIn as a portfolio. It will help the platform members understand your business. This will establish brand name and generate credibility amongst LinkedIn users. These users should be seen as prospective customers and lead generators.

  2. Make your presence felt


    Mere existence on LinkedIn will leave you and your business in the shadows of the social platform. Have a strong commanding presence. This is an easy feat to achieve if you share updates, events, news regularly, participate in discussions and like updates posted by your connections. However, all the posts should be relevant or related to your field.

  3. Expand your network

    Developing your network will promote your business extensively. Join appropriate groups, communities, and remember to be interactive in the discussions. Build your network with people who belong to your industry. You can also create a group to grow a like-minded community and build thought leadership. Through this custom group you can also drive more traffic to your website which in turn will help you gain possible clients.

  4. Attract more followers

     Consider your followers as lead generators and promoters. Having more followers increases your visibility.  Building more followers can prove to be an effective strategy since it will help popularise your brand.

  5. Fix your goals

    With LinkedIn having 400+ millions users, you don’t want every member as your audience. You need to choose your audience and target it by posting engaging stuff that is specifically written for them.

  6. Recruit best candidates

    LinkedIn is not only a huge platform for professional network building but also the best place to find talent for your company. Talented employees recruited via LinkedIn can help in the growth of the company. Since LinkedIn charges for job postings, it is necessary that you get the maximum for what you are paying. Besides being lead generators, your followers may also be active or passive job seekers. Create appealing career page and review applications thoroughly. Also, identify and stay in touch with potential talent.

  7. Explore Pulse

    Pulse is a publishing platform that was opened to public in 2014. While many were initially doubtful about how effective this platform would be, it is now seen as a go-to for content marketing. Publish content for target audience on Pulse and this will help you reach out to large masses and develop reputation. It will also get you more followers generating more leads.

  8. Impress the young minds-

    With the age limit bar being dropped to 13 on LinkedIn, you will find young, career oriented minds swarming the social media platform. Share posts or update statuses that would interest these teenagers and draw them into discussions. Focus on teens as they can be potential promoters and can help grow the reach of your brand.


LinkedIn can prove to be a great tool for sales generation if used to its fullest potential. If done correctly, getting ROI from LinkedIn can turn out to be as easy as going about your daily chores.


How having Linkedin in your Pockets helps you expand your reach infographic  

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