Go Mobile with these Marketing Strategies
26th January 2017
Posted in Digital Marketing

In the last few years, use of mobile smartphones has increased 10X times. Thanks to this rise in usage, it has become absolutely necessary to draw marketing strategies for mobile users to boost business online. It is now essential to have a mobile optimised website and a user friendly app.

If you are targeting to engage users whom you see hammering their thumbs on a 4.6 inch screen, then here are a few marketing boxes to tick.

  • Build a mobile friendly app

    Having an app along with a mobile friendly website is an effective mobile marketing strategy. A dedicated app exclusively designed for your brand has loads of benefits in its kitty. It increases your visibility, builds brand name and recognition, keeps your customers updated about your business and develops customer loyalty. All this assists in raises your customer engagement.
  • Give users what they are searching

    Most mobile users are looking for answers that are compact and precise. Instead of going through a long informational article, they would rather read something that would instantly answer their query. Google calls these as micro-moments. In this case you need to gauge what your customers likely want beforehand and develop content to suit their needs. This content should be made easily available to them so that it is at their disposal on the go.
  • Encourage customers to check-in location

    Thanks to Facebook initiative, people have now fallen into the habit of checking in their location. In case you are hosting a business event or have a mortar and brick business, then encourage customers to check in their location. This will not only let your customers' network know about your business but will also help you collect data about the number of customers engaging with you.
  • Stay active on social media sites

    Studies have shown that most mobile users spend their time on phone, browsing through social networking sites. Being active on these sites will make them notice you. Your activities on these sites should essentially compel them to want to connect with you. That way you can expand your network and increase your visibility.
  • Use QR codes

    Quick-Response codes or QR codes as they are widely known, can be of great help to enhance user experience. People always look for shortcuts and QR codes are a way of providing them with one. QR codes can be used to quickly navigate customers to useful informational pages or to scan discount offers.
  • Ask for reviews

    While on the go, you can encourage customers to leave a feedback about their experience. You could request them to rate you on a scale of 1 to 10 or simply ask them if you did well. These reviews will help you know how well your business is perceived by customers and also let you know your scope for improvement.

The number of mobile users is significant and ignoring them is no more an option. Cleverly crafted mobile marketing strategies should successfully engage your customers and derive positive results. Effective mobile marketing will enlarge your reach over the digital world and keep your customers updated about your brand anytime, anywhere.

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