20th October 2016
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More than ever before, businesses are now looking at ways to manage their online reputation.  On-line review sites and social media all provide avenues through which people are expressing their opinions and thoughts about your business. Your customers are researching you before they even engage you. What they see when they search for you will have a huge impact on whether they choose to do business with you.

Businesses need to understand that regardless of how great they believe their business is there will be someone at some point that will think otherwise. They will take their negative opinion about your business and make sure it is broadcasted all over the internet. This will have a huge impact on business and the credibility that you have worked so hard to achieve. This one negative opinion will outweigh all the “Good Presence” you have online. It is part of human nature, we always hold on to the negative and the positive gets lost. Let’s face it, regardless of how great your products or services are, if your customer does not trust you they will not buy from you.

Every business owner believes that they have the best business practices and customer service. As true as this may be, there will always be someone who thinks otherwise. Once they post a negative comment about your business online it is there forever. Sooner or later there will come a time that someone will post something negative about your product, service, or Company. Now, everyone that searches for your business will see this negative comment and this will impact your revenues and sales. Our personalized reputation management strategies will ensure that your Company is reflected positively online.

At Evolve Creative, we will work with you to implement a strategy that will manage your online reputation and ensure that you mitigate any negative impact. Our focus is to ensure that your business has a healthy online presence so it can grow organically.

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