3rd November 2016
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Thinking of a side business out of passion or a hobby? Or just a venture for side income without having to put many inputs? Invest in a virtual shop built on the land of internet and get the revenue flowing. E-commerce today is a flourishing business that has little investment and promising income, if not immediately then over a period of a few months but only with proper marketing.

Why is E-Commerce the choice for a new revenue stream?

Ironically, E-Commerce is one of the most common yet prosperous businesses. It’s open 24/7; weather conditions don’t affect your sales, you can sell unique products from over the world, gives you global market access, custom products are available at the doorstep, Artists can efficiently sell their art without having to pay the traditional shops for showcasing their work. Well, with examples like AMAZON, we don’t think we need to convince you more.

HOW to set it up?

Essentials you need to focus-

  • Impeccable design & content

    We all know that, the first impression is usually the last, so make sure you make it in the first glance. Have a design that is appealing and compelling to make the visitor want to go through your website. Content is one of the deciding factors. It must pick an emotion and connect with your visitors, (It usually depends on the target audience you want to have.)

  • Create credibility

    Build trust and generate dependability. Make your audience believe you don’t exist in the cyberspace only. Provide them with- an about us page, proper contact information, links to social media accounts to see who you are and you do exist in the real world!

  • UX/UI

    The ultimate look and feel of your website depend on the user interface and user experience. UI and UX is all your website has other than the products which also become secondary when it comes to winning the trust of the visitors. It is a saying that, 94% of users trust your website because of a good design. Consider the customer's POV when building a website

  • Photographs

    Photographs make a big part of the design and the usually become the voice of the brand. Have HD pictures that appeal to the audience. Especially when you’re selling a product, customers are ought to zoom in and scrutinize the product by judging the image. People decide to buy a product going by its photograph. So make sure it better be good if not great. Although we say, never settle for less.

  • Showcase

    Not only the way you present the product but other variants like- Reviews, product descriptions, sizing guide, quantity option, delivery & return policy, add to a wishlist option, and related products for cross-selling & upselling make an integral part of your showcase page(product page). To make your product page more helpful, you can also display product variations intuitively. But mind that in a race of offering as much as information on the product page, the design principles aren’t forgotten.

  • Search Bar

    Finding products shouldn’t feel like a task. Faceted search is ideal for both the parties; users can perform a simple search initially which allows you to showcase all the relevant products and show more, while the user can further narrow down the search using checkbox (non-overlapping options) or a drill-down list(Single choice). Faceted search is faster and easier for users to use than -search first and then do an advanced search which just sounds complex.

  • SEO

    SEO plays a crucial role for your visibility. Build your Title tags, Meta tags, Image tags, while you develop the website. Avoid duplicate content; this often is the case with product based websites. So, carefully craft your content, as we said before, content is one of the deciding factors, spend more time (and money) on it.

  • Payment gateway

    Customers prefer less lengthy & complex process when it comes to payment. Easy payment gateway encourages the customer to purchase. Tech advancements like Touch ID allows the customers to store their card information with their fingerprints; this ultimately makes the process faster and more secure. This influences an impulse purchase decision can be just a thumbprint away.

Your design is your first impression, make it worth the customers’ while by making it simple, minimal and have an easy UI for them to revisit and recommend you.

So while your website does the selling, you can enjoy your days chillin’

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