28th November 2016
Posted in Digital Marketing

Walt Disney has always been the leader in innovation with his focus on customer experience. It is just not a magical place for families and kids…...Disney is very magical for digital marketers as well. The Disney Institute has been around for more than two decades teaching businesses from any industry how to apply techniques that have been honed at Disney Parks for years and years.

The customer experience with Disney begins much before we enter the parks. The moment we decide to begin our planning and research, to our visit to the theme parks, until we leave, for Disney it is all about the customer user experience. Here are few digital marketing tips we can learn from Disney:

  1. Branding

    In the heart of Disney is their Branding. They create strong and impressionable branding that will resonate with the audience. Disney’s brand is built into and reflected in their tag line…the happiest place on earth. Their branding is not about them; it is about how their customers see them. It’s about creating an emotional connection with guests and Disney does this well.

  2. Content Marketing

    Content is Disney! No one does this better than Disney. In it’s content they build excitement by making it personalized, relevant and informative. Their messages are short and to the point. It is about sharing stories and experiences that promote connections and emotions and provide direct value to the customer.

  3. Website

    Their website has always been a main focus of Disney’s marketing efforts. Their website is simple, personalized, with high quality imagery, content, and resources. They encompass several ways to allow two-way client engagements, including live chat, email and telephone. Each experience is personalized making every customer feel “magical”.

  4. Social Media

    Disney utilizes all the main social media channels & platforms to engage potential clients. All channels are used to engage and share their material in a conversational manner. Disney is always looking to engage and learn more to serve their customers better.

  5. Adapting to Change

    Disney has always had the ability to quickly and effectively adapt to change and lead innovation. Their constant engagement with consumers keeps them in tune with their needs and ahead of their competition.

  6. Innovation

    Disney leads when it comes to innovation. At the heart of innovation is “user experience”- they are always looking at how they can enhance their customer experience through new and innovative technologies. Their theme parks are definitely not short of innovation and imagination, which keeps Guests coming back again and again.

Walt Disney has set high benchmarks for marketers. There is so much that can be learned from they way “Disney Does it”. Disney paves the way in everything from branding, to content marketing, website development, SMM, change and innovation. It is about creating those positive experiences for their customers. No one does it better than Disney! (Although at Evolve Creative we do our best to come close.)


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