Build Quality Backlinks to Improve your Online Visibility
29th January 2017
Posted in Digital Marketing

Being visible online is the name of the game today! Whether a business is big or small, selling online or offline, the moment a potential customer wants to reach out to it, he/she will search for it on Google. So having a website alone does not solve the purpose. Businesses’ need to have a website which is optimised for search engines is the bottom line. Moreover, given the large number of choices customers have these days, online visibility serves as a good way of showing your existence to them and not losing business to a competitor that could happen each time a buyer is unable to locate you online.

Backlinking is by far the one of the best time-honoured techniques for a good online visibility. A backlink is a link on your website from another website or web page. The number, source and way of using backlinks on a web page still continue to be a great trick to get a page rank higher on search engines.

Earning good quality backlinks might appear to be a herculean task but there are some super easy and smart ways of getting good backlinks. Digital marketing agencies in Toronto have time and again expressed that using correct methods and resources is the key. For instance, an SEO professional company like Evolve in Toronto, would apply a sure shot technique of broken-link building for creating one-way backlinks. There are many more ingenious ways to earn backlinks, forming backlinks through infographics being a popular one among these. Some more generic but intelligent techniques include guest posting, promoting your content, building internal links and contacting influential bloggers.

Having said so much about creating backlinks for enhanced online visibility, let us have an explicit look at the benefits of back linking.

  1. Search engine optimisation

    Better organic ranking from search engine results is the prime objective of every web development company. Any content that has links from other websites is naturally ranked higher by Google and other search engines as well, irrespective of their ever-changing algorithm.
  2. A good brand building strategy

    Backlinking with popular websites bring the benefits of association with them in the form of more visitors to your website.
  3. Increases referral traffic

    Even a single link of your portal on any popular website can drive a lot of referral traffic to your page. Moreover, you don’t even have to pay anything for fetching such traffic, which can actually be a large part of total traffic coming to your website.
  4. Long Term Directory Benefits

    Online directories and resource websites linking back to your website can do a great job of driving potential clients towards your website, even long after you have stopped submitting.

In order to harness true potential of the backlinks on a website, every SEO Company must ensure that the backlinks are contextual and from quality websites only, not only local but international too. Their effectiveness also depends upon the credibility and popularity of the website to which they belong. Therefore, having a few relevant links from trustworthy and high-trafficked websites is far more effective and valuable than having thousand and one links that are irrelevant, ambiguous or from low-quality websites.

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